Manola is the Managing Director of the Institute of Business Leadership, a consultancy that specializes in seven major areas of expertise:

1. Strategy development and  implementation,

2. Work Force Commitment & Change Culture

3. Learning and development (including being a SDF)

4. Marketing, Branding, Communication  & Sales

5. E-learning

6. Coaching & Mentoring  

7. Lecturing


Member of the team who developed the new business model and operational plans, for the UNISA Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL).

Served on the SBL Alumni Committee and contributed to the strategy and implementation of the Alumni office at the SBL.

Developed and implemented Wits University undergraduate and post graduate marketing strategy.

Development of a new brand identity

Main contributor from the SBL side in the development of a new brand identity of the SBL in line with the new UNISA brand identity. Through consistent efforts, the SBL was afforded the central part of the UNISA crest, which is a milestone considering that all the colleges are working with a monolithic brand of the University. This helped to affirm the SBL’s position as a unique entity within UNISA.

Achieved super brand status during my tenure (at SBL and WBS);

WBS – refreshed and repositioned WBS brand.  

Business growth

Achieved an average of 38% growth during my tenure at UNISA SBL.

Human Resources

Managed a diverse work force, and achieved good output from the team.

Designed and implemented performance agreements for SBL Marketing & Communications’ departmental staff (including total buy-in);

Developed cohesion and team work in the department


Developed and implemented tools for the measurement of marketing budget and investment
Contribute to the development and implementation of the Business Schools general budget and aligned it to the strategic and operational plans

Operational / IT

Was part of the task team that developed the new business model for the SBL
On the operational level, streamlined process and systems for the SBL
Developed policies for the SBL; communication, marketing and travel
Designed and developed new websites for SBL and WBS
Implemented a Call Centre for WBS in order to deliver service excellence.

Lecturing  / Curriculum Development

Developed Vodacom’s Executive Leadership Programme and Customer Service Programme
Lecture part-time on Marketing and Strategy modules.

Services Offered

  • Strategy Development & Implementation
  • Learning and Development
  • Management and Leadership Development
  • Marketing, Branding, Communication  & Sales
  • E-learning
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Work Force Commitment & Change Culture
  • Lecturing

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